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Guest Post and Images by Stacy Pearsall

Picture Show by Graf – Application for Your i-Phone

On July 12, 2010, Graf created a great photography application, Picture Show. As soon as it arrived on i-Tunes, I had to have it. I started snapping like crazy. It has the capability of adding several types of filters such as LomoGraphy, HolgaGraphy, Vintage, Vanished, Noir, Multi-exposures…. the list goes on. You can pick various frames, add textures and unique lighting effects

I have heard many heated debates about whether Canon or Nikon makes a better image. However, I stress to my students that it’s not about the camera. What’s most important is the operator behind the system. That’s why I love making pictures with my i-phone. I can still make quality pictures, even though I’m only using a 5 megapixel 4G i-Phone camera.

The 4G i-Phone has a built-in flash, which I’ve been putting to good use. You can see that most of the portraits have detail in the shadows. That’s because I’m using the flash. However, I don’t let the flash fall straight on the subject’s face. I try to use a piece of paper, Kleenex or my shirt to diffuse it. This isn’t rocket science, I just prefer to have softer light.

Copyright Stacy Pearsall

Using my phone’s camera has limitations. It doesn’t zoom and has a very limited minimal focus distance. However, I love a challenge! Instead of a zoom lens, I use my feet. Yup, can you believe it? My feet work and I can get close to my subject by simply walking toward them! What a concept!
Since my phone pictures are on the fly, I am much more apt to take chances and try new stuff. I get new angles and unique portraits. People are less intimidated by a phone verses a DSLR too.

Also, I’m very conscious of my corners and extraneous distractions in my frame. Of course, I could bring the file into Adobe Photoshop but that defeats the purpose of the phone camera challenge. I can capture moments without my subjects even knowing. I love that.

Now that I’m consciously thinking about all of these things, I’ve improved my day-to-day paid photo assignments. When I take risks with my i-Phone shots, I have small successes. These translate directly into my paid photo assignments. I take note of what works and expound upon them with my big production shoots. Plus it’s just plain fun. This application, Picture Show, has reinvigorated my impromptu photo sessions.