Learn Portrait Photography: The Basics with Levi Sim

This course is free until 6/1/17.

In this course, you’ll learn simple techniques for creating great portraits. Join photographer Levi Sim as he shows you how to find and make great light with basic tools, and demonstrates the easiest methods for helping people look their best while remaining comfortable. You’ll learn how to use reflectors, diffusers, and simple strobe setups to maximize existing light, and adjust your camera settings to get excellent raw results. Start watching and you’ll master how to take better portraits with simple tools in almost all shooting situations.

Topics include:

  • Finding a good location to make a portrait
  • Making great light for practically any situation
  • What camera settings to use when shooting portraits
  • What accessories make portraits better
  • How to help people feel comfortable in a portrait session

Why are we doing this?

After years of publishing training on other websites, we’re proud to be able to bring these courses to you directly.

These are full-length classes, absolutely free.  We want you to get a real taste of what we’re working on.  All you need to do is sign up with a valid email address in order to access the catalog.  We’ll message you from time to time about new classes as well as when the library launches.  We may send you some free photo goodies too like eBooks and presets.