When it comes to otherworldly landscapes, the island nation of Iceland sits on the top of many photographers and travelers’ lists. There are now so many bodies of work that serve as testaments to why it’s a crowd favorite. I think we can never have too much of that, so allow me to share one more of these stunning images. This time, we’re shining the spotlight on a small collection of abstract landscape photos by landscape and commercial photographer Daniel Guindo.

If you too have been fascinated with Iceland’s natural beauty but are yet to capture it in photos, this series is yet another to inspire you.

A visual love letter to Iceland

In 2016, Guindo relocated from southern Spain to Iceland. “This volatile, unique and isolated landscape woke up something inside me,” he said. “Now, I can’t see myself living anywhere else in the world, as my passion for this strange island grows each day.”

Titled “The Painted Worlds,” this series is just one of the bodies of work that we can consider as his visual odes to Iceland. The island’s unique landscapes easily lend themselves to abstract photography, making it easy to see why he simply had to put together this small collection.

According to Guindo, he took these photos from different geothermal areas in Iceland, where we can find “endless patterns, textures and colors to play with.” From these photos alone, I can see what a sight to behold each location must have been, and how they easily spark the creative eye of photographers.

A painterly showcase of rich, otherworldly details

“Hard to believe this is still Planet Earth,” Guindo said of the geothermal areas he photographed for this series. Indeed, they could easily be mistaken as alien landscapes for their surreal colors and textures. However, I also like that most of these photos are distinct from how Icelandic landscapes are typically portrayed.

That said, we can also clearly see what inspired the fitting title for this abstract series. At first glance, they could easily pass up as abstract paintings, especially the ones with blobs or strokes of color. Photographing from a good vantage point is often enough to see a place from an abstract view, but I think not all of them can look as painterly as this selection of photos. If you’re a fan of painterly photography, abstract or otherwise, I’m sure you’ve found this series particularly interesting.

“I focus my work primarily on the Icelandic landscape, trying to express the isolation and melancholy it detaches,” Guindo says on his landscape photography. So, if you’re curious about the rest of his Iceland snaps, make sure to check out Daniel Guindo’s website and Behance portfolio to stay updated with his work.

Photos used with Creative Commons permission