One of the main draws of macro photography is its ability to bring hidden details and perspectives to our attention. Capturing tiny flora and fauna we don’t usually see or notice is one of the main applications of this craft. However, I also find that it’s an effective way to see art even in the littlest and most unexpected things.

Among the best examples I’ve seen comes from New York City-based creative director, art director and designer Toros Kose. His colorful macro snaps of mushrooms make up a dreamy collection of gorgeous details. If you’re a fan of abstract art and seeing the beauty of nature in surprising ways, I’m sure you will also greatly appreciate his approach.

Inspired by the love of visualizing

“At the core of everything I do lies in the simple love for visualizing what’s in my head in both design and motion,” Kose said on what motivates his creative work. What inspired him to create his “Mushrooms” series certainly makes for an interesting conjecture. Following this idea, his colorful, otherworldly and even calming photos seem to be a preview of a world built from his imagination.

I love how he was able to use details and perspectives to create what looks like a surreal forest in a macro wonderland. We don’t usually connect the genre with creating imagined worlds using abstract details. But that’s the kind of ideation and creative application that usually leads to unique and impressive work.

Kose also said that ‘crisp,’ ‘detailed’ and ‘dynamic’ are three words that he values greatly. Again, I can totally see that in this body of work. It’s interesting to see that despite the delicate mood, there’s also a clear focus on the details and their appeal to the imagination.

Building a macro world with gorgeous colors and details

At the heart of this collection is Kose’s deliberate use of colors to complement the simplicity of his abstract scenes. With the series in four parts, we can see that he tried different color and lighting combinations for this macro dream world.

I think it’s this skillful and imaginative approach to macro photography that breathes new life into the genre. It opens us to many different and eye-catching possibilities that come with exploring the tiny worlds that surrounds us. It shows how we can get creative and experimental for abstract texture studies or visual storytelling through the macro perspective.

If you’re just starting out with macro photography, I hope this series inspired you and gave you some ideas for your practice and projects!

Loved this series? Make sure to also visit Toros Kose’s website and Behance portfolio for more of his photography and other visual art.

All photos by Toros Kose. Used with Creative Commons permission.