Among the strengths of film photography is its inherent retro look. Sure, digital photography can replicate it to some extent, but nothing beats the mood of the real thing. So, it’s not surprising that many photographers continue to pick up a vintage camera and a roll of film once in a while for a nostalgic shoot. A great example is a recent set by Belgium-based Moreno Sudaro taken using a Mamiya 645 medium format camera.

New to film photography and are wondering what kinds of projects you can create with this medium? You’ll definitely get some ideas and inspiration here, especially if you’re thinking about doing a shoot towards the last leg of summer.

Finding nostalgia in the everyday

While various emulsions can turn almost any scene into a nostalgic one, it works wonders in the right location. Sudaro’s short series features ordinary scenes and locations that may not look as emotive without the film photography look. The unique visual quality of the medium may only fit certain projects and visual stories, and this set is among them.

It’s one the best examples of how the medium allows photographers to find — or create — nostalgia in the everyday. Expired films are especially effective for this, with their muted hues and subtle color shifts. While I’m not sure if the Kodak films that Sudaro used in these photos are fresh or not, expired films will most likely yield a similar look.

I’m sure I’m not the only one inspired to create a wistful “last look” at summer after browsing this series. Even the seemingly ordinary summer days can spark an idea to document the season differently.

End of summer as a mood

I also think that Sudaro also chose a fitting title for this series. “Off Season” hints at the mood that sets in as summer winds down and slowly gives way to the autumn chill. The colors aren’t as bright. The scorching heat of the summer sun is nowhere to be found. Everything looks so quiet, as if the vacationers have just left and wrapped up their fun in the sun.

It’s easy to see why most photographers get excited and inspired to capture the energy of summer, with its vibrant colors and lively atmosphere. However, “Off Season” shows us that the quiet that follows is just as worthy of a visual exploration. It’s a perfect example of how simple and quiet moments can create powerful and emotive visuals.

So, if you feel that your summer has been uneventful, I hope this collection inspired you to capture a different side of the season — with or without the nostalgia of film.

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All photos by Moreno Sudaro. Used with Creative Commons permission.