In many creative genres, a well-crafted atmosphere makes a big difference in the impact to the viewer. That’s why we often find atmospheric photography to be especially fascinating or compelling.

American contemporary artist Todd Hido is among the photographers best known for atmospheric photography, particularly his moody “Homes at Night” and “Interiors” series. I find the video above by Jamie Windsor to be one of the best dives into these two collections, and a must-watch for both the familiar and uninitiated on Hido’s work.

First, Windsor talks about how American realist painter Edward Hopper greatly influenced Todd Hido’s use of atmosphere to evoke an emotional impact — more about what we feel instead of what we see. He also made some interesting points about how Todd Hido’s work are perfect examples of liminal spaces, which evoke strong feelings of isolation, unfamiliarity, and fear in empty but normally familiar spaces.

If you’re looking to get some inspiration in creating atmospheric photography projects, I’m sure Windsor’s insights will be of great help!