Category: Street Photography

Photograph: “Devotee” by Well-Bred Kannan / WBK Photography

This image is purely about light and timing as he captures the devotee in a splash of light in the temple corridor. This same side-lighting also gives the image depth and dimension. Everywhere you look in the image is rich detail, from the carvings on the columns, to the intricate art on the pathway, revealed through that light. The muted tones of the corridor are also broken up nicely by pops of color in the artwork on the ground and the banners hanging above.

As the repeating pattern of the columns disappear into shadow at the corridor’s end, this same shadow serves as a perfect backdrop for the devotee. Without it he would be lost in this image, with it he emerges from the scene. This image does a great job of setting the scene for a story the viewer can imagine for themselves, both in terms of where the devotee has been and what he faces ahead.

Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr group

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