Category: Street.

Photograph: “Early Morning Walk” by Tommy Le (username “Tommy Le” on Flickr).

Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr community right here.

Why I picked this image: 

This image was captured by Tommy Le in Vietnam. Tommy captured his main subject by framing it into a very minimalistic scene. The man is spaced perfectly on the left third of the image and walks into the open 2/3 space. He is also wearing a bright jacket that is a perfect contrast to the back background. And where the back background ends and the lighter concrete floor begins, the man’s black shorts create a nice reverse contrast.

I also like the slight motion blur in one of the man’s feet. He seems very old and quite slow walking with his cane. But it gives some nice dynamics to an otherwise static image. Finally I also really like the plant pot that is visible through the darkness of the background and that the man seems to be looking at. Since there is no blossoming plant visible, it gives the scene a touch of “all living things will eventually perish” meaning.

This is truly an outstanding street photo Tommy Le!


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