Category: Street.

Photograph: “Kyaiktiyo, Myanmar” by Tiberio Frascari (username “Tiberio Frascari” on Flickr).

Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr community right here.

Why I picked this image: 

This image tells a story and shows a street scene of the daily life in Myanmar. A woman is carrying flowers on her head while she is walking along a foggy road. For many people in poorer countries, walking is the only way of transportation of goods for commercial and private use. The story that I see is that she may be on her way to the market to sell the flowers in order to feed her family.

The leading lines into the fog in this image add to the mystery and to the drama of harder working and living conditions in that country compared to many wealthier countries.

This image stands out by its street storytelling and makes it an interesting documentary photo.


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