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Photographer: Juan Antonio F. Segal “Azure window. Gozo, Malta”

Our photographer of the day, Juan Antonio F. Segal, reminds us to shoot that photo now, and don’t wait to come back at another time. In case you haven’t heard, the natural landmark featured here, known as the Azure Window in Malta, collapsed into the sea on March 9, 2017. This photo may not be the most dramatic in color or mood, but it is well composed, with curving lines that lead your eye through the photo and the tiny swimmers serving to provide both scale and a touch of life to the tranquil scene. I’m sad for the loss of this natural wonder and still hope to visit Malta one day. I’m grateful to Juan Antonio F. Segal for the reminder that everything is fleeting, and don’t put off photographing things today with the promises of doing it tomorrow.

Originally shared on the Photofocus Group on Flickr here.

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