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Photographer: Francesco Cimato “Milky Way In Canal Grande-Venice”

Photographer of the Day, Francesco Cimato, takes us on a trip to Venice, at sunrise, and then beyond into our imagination. The golden light, the Milky Way sky, the colors, the leading lines to the sun, and the twinkle of the stars reflected on the soft water–I am mesmerized. Mr. Cimato notes in his comments that this image is actually two images combined, but the photo was made as imagined at the time.  The Milky Way, he states, is precisely in the position it would be at about 5am, if there wasn’t atmosphere and light pollution. I think Mr. Cimato says it best, that sometimes the picture doesn’t represent the reality we see, but what lies beyond or we imagine inside.

Originally shared on the Photofocus Group on 500px here.

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