Category: Street Photography
Photograph:6” by Denis Malciu

What at first glance is a simple scene of three women sharing a row of seats reveals a striking study in opposites and contrasting elements. On one side, a lone adult with the closed body language of crossed arms and legs, and a solemn expression that gives her an air of seeming weariness or defensiveness. On the other, two young women laughing together, their legs intertwined in friendship and the energy of youth. Alone vs. together, adult vs. youth, quiet vs. loud, irritation vs. enjoyment, stillness vs. motion; the contrasts between them go on and on. Beyond these figures, even the surroundings offer the contrast of a grungy industrial wall to the gleaming red of the chairs. Everything in this image begs to be compared and considered.

But, what I like most about this image is, it makes you pick a side. Do you see two teens having fun or two annoying kids? Do you see an irritated woman, or do you sympathize with someone who just wants some quiet? Photos like this don’t just tell a story about a moment, but make you think about your own perceptions of the scene and what they say about you.

Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr group
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