Category: Street.

Photograph: “145/366” by Stefan Groenveld (username “rim light” on Flickr).

Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr community right here.

Why I picked this image: This image was captured by Stefan Groenveld during his 366 project (a photo per day during 2016). Many photographers take their cameras to the street during these projects and start to see how diverse and interesting your daily surroundings can be.

Stefan took on an extra challenge as he did not only capture this image with an analog camera – but he even used a fairly slow and big all manual Mamiya 7II medium format film camera. Mastering all of the technical limitations aside, this image shows how creative vision, composition and timing can create a piece of art in street photography.

What made this image a winner in my eyes? Choosing the right distance and angle to align the edge of the water pond with the edge of the walkway was essential for the framing. Exposing right at the moment where the person approaches the lowest point of the framed “V” leads the viewer directly to the main subject. The legs during the stride are clearly separated against the background. The white cloud behind the person was essential to create a nice silhouette. And the wavy tree’s structure help to show that we are actually looking at a reflection in the water.

Great job on creating this artistic street photo – even with all the limitations of the gear, Stefan!

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