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Photographer of the Day: Aron Cooperman & “Storybook San Francisco”

Storybook San Franciso” is a sunset visit to the iconic Victorian “painted ladies” houses near the Haigh-Ashbury neighborhood. They have appeared in an estimated 70 movies. ads and were in the opening credits for the television series Full House. These houses were built between 1892 and 1896. Sometimes called “Postcard Row,” they are located across from Alamo Park at 710-720 Steiner Street. Aron Cooperman, Photofocus Photographer of the Day, has captured their daytime vibrant colors as muted pastels at dusk. They are framed by the vibrant San Francisco skyline backed by a red-orange sunset reminiscent of the color of the city’s Golden Gate bridge. This photograph is indeed a postcard of magical beauty.

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