Winter is upon us, which means it’s time to get creative with some snowy scenes and winter wonderland ideas. However, these aren’t the only visual themes you can explore for shooting during the frosty season. If you’re looking to try something different, we have yet another moody film photography set from Henri Prestes to inspire you.

Previously, we shared two of his sets which can serve as an introduction to his surreal and cinematic style for those who are still not familiar. This time, we place the spotlight on “Warm Lights in Cold Places,” another series fitting of the chilly, misty season.

Working with the location’s atmosphere

According to Prestes, he shot the series while roaming the small towns and villages of southern Europe on cold and misty nights. His goal was to “find cinematic moments on mostly deserted places, often using long exposures to be able to capture the light in the surrounding darkness.”

The film photography series manifests the dreamy visual style that he has come to be known for. He has mastered working with the atmosphere of his chosen locations and amplifying them through the qualities unique to film photography. Because the medium naturally creates a moody and dramatic feel, it’s perfect for the sweeping cinematic photos he envisioned for this project.

An inspiration for unconventional winter scenes

I can totally see how Prestes’ work can be inspiring for photographers who are in locations that aren’t snowy (or not yet completely blanketed in snow), but still have and show cold weather.

Winding roads and woodlands with an eerie shroud of fog. An empty street at night with shining puddles after the rain. A light sprinkling of snow on a gloomy roadside. He was able to depict a cold and chilling atmosphere in all these scenes, even in the absence of the imagery we typically associate with winter.

I am already a big admirer of Prestes’ film photography and I have loved the mood, aesthetic and cinematic quality of this series when I first saw it. However, after looking at it with winter in mind, I quickly realized how they are effectively images you can feel. It’s in the mostly solitary subjects standing against the gloom and mist, and the different ways that light served as the only source of warmth in the misty twilight.

Don’t forget to visit Henri Prestes’ website and Behance portfolio for more of his dreamy film photography.

All photos by Henri Prestes. Used with Creative Commons permission.