Need some ideas for a unique photography project for Christmas? Something fun and creative to use for spreading the holiday cheer, perhaps? If you answered yes to both, I’m sure you’ll get inspired to try something new in this past project of brothers Pedro and Teo Gonzalez, the minds behind Barcelona-based studio I’m blue I’m pink.

In 2017, the studio put together a quick Christmas project to cap their projects for the year. You’d think they would come up with the usual holiday themes for that. But, being a studio that specializes in surreal imagery for art direction, set design, photography and film, they just had to make it extra creative and fun.

Building on the Christmas color palette

The studio may have something different and quirky in mind for this still life photography with a Christmas Eve dinner theme. But it still needed to have something readily familiar that viewers can easily connect to Christmas. I think they made an excellent choice to build on the color palette we typically see in the season: Red, green and gold.

I also like how they did away with the usual approach of creating a Tinseltown vibe to fit the Christmas theme. Instead, they designed a set that used these colors in different ways, such as creating a contrast between the background and the table in the foreground. They also spread the colors throughout the frame using their props and wardrobe.

Quirky props for a touch of still life

Now, here’s where that expertise in surrealism comes into the picture.

First, there are two people in matching clothes who are part of the set. But, the project mentions that they weren’t meant to be viewed as human subjects, but as characters who are part of the world that the studio created. That’s why don’t see their faces. Instead, they represent the colors red and gold made even more distinct through shape and texture.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Christmas Eve dinner without some food and wine, so those were part of the set. To break the monotony of the color palette and add some extra points of interest, the set design also included a bunch of seemingly random items and trinkets in different colors.

I love how the addition of these props instantly make you ask something like, which alternate universe could they be celebrating Christmas in this crazy version?

Hopefully, this short series inspired you to get playful, experimental and maybe even surreal with your holiday photos!

Don’t forget to visit I’m blue I’m pink studio’s website and Behance portfolio for more of their fun and surreal photography projects.

All photos by Pedro and Teo Gonzalez of I’m blue I’m pink. Used with Creative Commons permission.