Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Dave Moser, who normally works behind the scenes at Photofocus.  Dave is a veteran, and we appreciate that he has chosen to share some thoughts on this special day.t

We at Photofocus take a moment from our day to pause and thank those of you who have served, past and present and are serving our country in any capacity civilian or military. We especially remember and pray for those of you in harm’s way! We encourage all of you as you go through your day to reflect on the sacrifice of so many who past and present, have paid the price for our freedom and our way of life. If you have a flag, fly it, it means a lot to those who have or had loved ones who served, past or present, it also signals those who would do us harm, that we remember what it takes to be free and those who have paid its price!

A Short Story

Seems like a long time ago. A boy listened intently and was fascinated by the stories his Dad and his Army buddies, all part of the same Battalion, were telling about their last tour. He was especially pleased by the boasting way they reflected on how, when they returned stateside, no matter what establishments they entered, they never had to buy their beers! Someone always approached them with the “let me buy you a beer, Seargent!”

Skip ahead 30 + years, the boy is now an Academy graduate and has served 14 years and more recently, three tours in the Middle East, now posted stateside. Talking to a fellow officer, about his being a “military brat” and reflecting upon the stories he had listened to as a kid, and reflects sadly, how different the times are now.  Having yet, at this duty station, or the last for that matter, been offered by any civilian, to buy him a beer. They both agree the times are different.

A week later, running and errand off base, he goes into a place to pick up a take-out order, and someone says “Captain, got a minute, I’d like to buy you a beer, if that’s okay? I lost my brother in Afghanistan.” He cried, remembering his Dad and those brothers, he’d lost along the way!

It’s never too late, to remember and honor those who serve!