I’m not really one for resolutions, but I do believe in setting intentions (daily/weekly/yearly — whatever you find works for you). As we head into the New Year I’ve started to think about what photography-related resolutions I would like to work on for 2022.

Here is a list of 10 resolutions for your photography in 2022.

1. Use your tripod more

A lot of us are lazy, can’t be bothered with carrying the tripod with us at all times, and just find it not so easy to use.

Let’s change that. Grab your camera, grab your tripod. Period. Make it a habit. I’m really going to work on this one myself. Even if you grab the Platypod or a monopod instead. Doing this one thing will easily help improve your results.

2. Read those photography books on your shelf

How many of you buy books and never get around to actually reading them? Guilty! So many books. Books to be inspired by, books to learn a new technique, books to help on the business and marketing side of photography — they are all there, on my shelf. You too?


3. Listen to and work through the courses you’ve purchased

Same as with the books, I have several courses that I signed up for, paid for and yet, I’ve never actually completed them. Time to change that. 

4. Help other photographers

This is one amazing way to learn more and grow your own knowledge. In teaching, we learn.

Helping others also makes you feel good about yourself and become more confident in your own abilities.


5. Learn more about the history of photography

How did we get to where we are in the industry today? We have incredible pioneers in the photography world, take some time to read about them. Check local museums and galleries and attend an exhibition of photographers who inspire you. 

6. Join a photography community

This can be local or online or maybe both. Test a few out to see what each community has to offer and if it’s a fit for you and what you’re hoping to get from being part of it. We may be partial here, but the Photofocus Community is a great place to start.

7. Print your work

Whether you print images to hang in your own home or print a photo book, seeing your work printed will bring a whole other level of appreciation of your creative work. If you don’t have a printer at home, be sure to check out Fine Art America for custom prints.

8. Learn one new function of your camera

There are so many things our cameras can do, pick one and learn it. Focus stacking, multiple exposures, time-lapse and more. Have some fun and learn a new creative way to use your camera.


9. Work on your composition in-camera

It’s the simplest way to improve your images (in my opinion). Composition is one of the most important elements of a good image. Practice creating compositions, slow down and take the time to get better at this while you are photographing.

Need a little help or inspiration? Check out this presentation in the Photofocus Community.

10. Use the tools you have

Instead of buying new and more gear and gadgets, use what you have. How many of us have all sorts of equipment laying around that we never use? Once again, I am guilty of this.

Pull out those lights, lightboxes, flashes, diffusers, filters, remote triggers, umbrellas and whatever else you have that takes up space in your drawers and on your shelves and use it!

Here’s a bonus 11th resolution that I believe we should keep in mind each and every time we pick up our cameras.

11. Have fun with your photography and the resolutions

Sometimes photographers can be a serious lot. Make sure that photography is still fun for you. Pick up a disposable film camera and see what you find with it. Put your camera on Auto and go out and go crazy without worrying about the technicality of it all for a change. Photograph subjects you wouldn’t normally but have always wanted to try. 

How about you? What are you adding to your list of photography resolutions for next year? Share with us in the comments or head over to the Photofocus Community so we can talk about it.