You have to wonder just what more could be in store for the world of photography and videography in the coming year. Modern cameras are already powerhouses. Still, there’s always room for improvement. We’re going to take a quick look at the new cameras we’d like to see in 2022 from all of the camera brands.

2021 has been pretty big when it comes to the cameras we have been graced with. The Nikon Z 9 was born. Canon premiered the EOS R3, Fujifilm gave us the GFX 50S II, Sony the a1 and a7 IV and Pentax the K-3 III. So, just what might we see in 2022? Here’s what we think will either be announced or that will come to market.

New cameras from Canon will include APS-C models and a Z 9 killer

In 2022 we fully expect to see the EOS R3 being dethroned as the company’s current makeshift flagship with the arrival of the EOS R1. Still, whether or not it will be a Z 9 killer remains to be seen. On top of this, I think the Canon EOS M line will be put to rest. I believe we’ll see the first Canon APS-C cameras with an RF mount. This makes sense as the EF-M mount does not provide a clear path to Canon’s other mirrorless cameras.

If Canon can give us a mirrorless replacement for the EOS 7D II they’ll make some waves. Build it tough, give it high burst rates, animal focus, and the same AF system found in the EOS R5/R6. It’s guaranteed to be a hit! We’d also love to see an APS-C mirrorless Rebel-Esque camera as well that’s priced low and that can come as a bundle with the RF 50mm f/1.8 or the RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1. For fun, Canon, give us a mirrorless Canonet to rival the Fujifilm X100V, the Ricoh GR III and the Nikon Z fc! That would be the cherry on top of your 2022.

Fujifilm: Make the X-H2 one of your new cameras for 2022

I’m a little disappointed with the lack of innovation from Fujifilm when it comes to X mount cameras. Fujifilm has been leading the charge in the Medium Format space. However, their APS-C cameras have gone stale. The problem is all of Fujifilm’s APS-C cameras, apart from aesthetics and a few nerfed features, are essentially the same. It’s getting old. A camera that can change all of this for Fujifilm in 2022 would be the X-H2.

I think Fujifilm needs to turn the X-H2 into a pro-body camera that goes after the sports and wildlife crowd. A camera like this is sorely missing from Fujifilm’s camera portfolio. Give it an integrated grip, a stacked X-Trans sensor, and a better autofocus system that incorporates AI. Make the jump from SD cards and start using CFexpress. Improve the IBIS, and introduce new batteries that last longer. Just don’t give us more rehashes like you did with the X-T3 Global and the X-T30 II. Those cameras were a slap in the face.

Nikon: Trickle down the Z 9’s performance and make a mirrorless D500

In 2022, Nikon needs to focus on bringing the performance of the Z 9 down into their mainstream cameras. I’m sure releasing a Z5 II, Z6 III and a Z7 III would anger many of Nikon’s faithful as their predecessors wouldn’t exactly be old. Still, it’s a move Nikon needs to make.

It’s also time for Nikon to bring a classic APS-C DSLR into the mirrorless space. A mirrorless version of the D500 will complement the Z 9 well. Update the 20.9-megapixel sensor and the image processor found in the Z 50 so that it can use the AF system from the Z 9. Give the camera plenty of weather sealing and price it to sell. Wildlife photographers will flock it.

OM Digital Solutions: Your WOW cameras need to be special and release a new PEN-F

new cameras for 2022

We’d like to see the OM SYSTEM launch a few cameras in 2022. There needs to be an E-M1 IV, an E-M1X II and a new PEN-F. All current generations of these cameras use sensor technology from 2015, low-quality EVFs and autofocus systems that trail the competition.

In 2022, OM Digital Solutions needs to release these cameras with new stacked micro four-thirds sensors that offer much-improved autofocus. Enhanced AI that’s better than currently found in the E-M1X is needed. You also need an autofocus system that can rival the best on the market. We’d also like to see their cameras in 2022 using improved EVFs, higher quality LCDs, and offer 8K video modes. It’s a tall order, we know. However, their next cameras must be something special.

Another camera that could help OM Digital Solutions would be a new improved PEN-F with weather-sealing. For the love of God don’t release another PEN-F that can’t play in the rain. We will come after you with pitchforks if you do.

New cameras from Pentax/Ricoh need to include a weather-sealed GR and a new K-1

new cameras for 2022

Pentax/Ricoh you just need to keep on doing your thing. You’ve shown that you march to the beat of your own drum anyway. Honestly, good on you for doing so. Still, in 2022 we would like to see a GR series camera that finally offers weather sealing and much-improved battery life. Even if you need to make the GR IV a little bit bigger, it will be worth it. A monochrome version would be well received as well.

A K-1 III with the new SAFOX 13 autofocus system that’s found in the new K-3 III (read our review), along with a new higher megapixel sensor would be splendid as well. Just keep on being weird, Pentax. It’s what sets you apart. However, don’t rest on your laurels. If this happens, the gap between the rest of the pack will get wider and your userbase will shrink further.

Panasonic, launch a flagship micro four-thirds camera and say goodbye to DFD

new cameras for 2022

Ah, Panasonic. Your dedication to the DFD autofocus systems needs to be commended but it’s time to put it to bed. Your cameras are great when it comes to features and image quality but the contrast-detect autofocus system, while much better than it used to be, is tired.

We know the Lumix GH6 is coming in 2022. Still, we hope it has a shiny new stacked sensor and that it has a big enough megapixel jump over current M4/3 sensors to offer improved dynamic range and 8K video. On top of this, we’d like to see a replacement for the Lumix G9, which was released in 2017. Panasonic has made waves with the S series as well. Still, we would like to see an updated S1 with the new 33-megapixel Sony sensor that’s used in the a7 IV along with, you guessed it, a phase-detect autofocus system.

Sony needs to bring their pro game and revisit APS-C

new cameras for 2022

Sony has an incredible lineup of cameras that fit all styles and budgets. However, Sony’s APS-C cameras are starting to look incredibly old. Sony’s new cameras in 2022 need to include new a6xxx series cameras. Sony’s current a6xxx series of cameras haven’t seen any significant changes since 2013! The design is tired. The sensor is tired. This series needs a complete overhaul. Give these new cameras better ergonomics, a better sensor, superior EVFs and LCDs, UHS-II card slots, better 1080p video and improved 4K video. Make them a prosumer’s dream.

On top of this, we’d like to see Sony flex its muscles to compete against the Nikon Z 9. The a9 series hasn’t been bad at all, but it isn’t your typical pro-grade body. Sony needs to embrace the integrated grip and they need to make it tough enough to withstand the rigors of pro work.

What would you like to see from all the camera brands in the coming year? Let us know in the comment section below.