Sony has been on the cutting edge of camera technology for quite some time. However, I think they may have outdone themselves this time.

Next-level artificial intelligence

From their press release: “Using a positronic neural network, Sony AI will offer suggestions vocally to the camera user on composition and settings. Setting industry pundits ablaze is the groundbreaking Posing People AI. This vocally guides people to stand in a more flattering manner.”

Sony AI with its next-level artificial intelligence leaves all other cameras in its wake.

Sony says that they are working on having the AI not offer suggestions for poses that may appear “insensitive.” This includes suggestions such as “the third person from the left should suck in his stomach more.” Sony continues its long-standing commitment to cutting edge technology.

Helping all photographers

Perhaps the most remarkable feature is something that Sony says will “take your photography to the next level” with Anti-Cliche AI. This feature automatically drains the battery if the user photographs people on a couch in a field, sitting on train tracks, pointing flashlights at the Milky Way or takes selfie photos of feet at the beach. “We feel Anti-Cliche AI is a rising tide that will lift all photographers,” Sony mentioned in its press release.

Sony also announced that the Sony AI will offer audio to the photographer’s ear buds via Bluetooth. This was developed from direct feedback from models during beta testing.

April Fools!