This month we are going to start something different with our Community Hangout, which we’re calling Photo Assist Live! Be sure to join us Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 9 p.m. ET.

Introducing, Photo Assist Live

After last month’s hangout, we got the feeling that we’d all benefit from and prefer to have a more focused topic for our monthly live meetups. What we’d like to do starting this month is a Photo Assist Live program. 

Instead of random topics, we will take images from 4–5 of our community members who will be present at the hangout. Assistance on those images will be offered from select Photofocus authors. We’ll spend about 10 minutes per image discussing with the member their intentions and what they would like assistance with on each image. 

Initially, we will work in one main group but eventually, we’d like to see this develop into breakout sessions with specific photography genres such as portraits, landscape, etc. An author who specializes in that genre will be the one leading the Photo Assist Live sessions.

photo assist

How Photo Assist Live will work

To submit your images for the May 27, 2021 meetup next week, just add your image to the Photo Assist Group and tag me, Lauri Novak. Please add some general information when you post the image: settings, camera, lens, what your intentions were with the image and what it is about the image you’d like some help with.

We’ll feature around six images in our discussions in the hangout — be sure you can join us live!

RSVP for the live event here

Join the community

If you would like to participate but have not joined the Photofocus Community you can sign up here.