Planning to head somewhere frosty for some scenic winter photography? Making sure that your camera gear will keep working in the extreme cold is among the things you need to get ready. Whether you’re doing it for the first time or researching how to do it better this time, today’s cold weather camera tips should come in handy!

In the video above, Anchorage-based Jeff Schultz, gives us some tips for keeping cameras and camera batteries working during a winter shoot. Often working in Alaska’s sub-zero temperatures, he speaks from experience when he reminds us that cameras will work fine if the batteries are warm and charged.

The first thing to keep in mind to ensure this is to only use batteries made by the camera manufacturer. Third-party batteries, he said, just won’t hold up like the manufacturer-made ones. If your charged battery isn’t working out it the cold, try warming it up in your jacket pockets before popping it back in your camera. That said, it’s best to keep batteries in your jacket pockets, maybe even with a hand warmer if it’s sub-zero temperatures, to keep them warm and ready.

Another thing to watch out for is condensation in the lens. The key here is to not bring or place your camera anywhere warm after a shoot in super cold temperatures and out in the snow.

If you have to take it with you indoors, take out the batteries and memory card first while you’re still outdoors. Then, make sure to put the camera in a plastic bag or waterproof bag to let it warm up gradually before you take it out in a warm room.

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