Whether you’re a vintage gear collector or a film photographer on the side, there must be a vintage lens or two (or five) that you’re keeping an eye out for. If you’re still missing a travel lens, Paris-based weird lens collector Mathieu Stern has an outstanding recommendation.

In his video above, Stern briefly explained why he finds the compact Canon FD 28mm f/2.8 S.C. an amazing travel lens, even if it’s cheap and mostly overlooked today. The wide field of view minus the distortion is perfect for capturing those sweeping landscapes and scenes during travel. But, he mostly let his beautiful footage and photos using his Sony a7 III paired with this lens to do the talking.

So, if you’re wondering what a 28mm vintage lens can create when paired with a digital camera, hopefully, he was able to satisfy your curiosity! But you have to be fast if you want one. The Canon FD 28mm f/2.8 S.C. was under the radar for a while. However, this quick review may send vintage lens collectors scrambling to get their hands on one!

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