To create those wiggly images currently popular on social media, a multi-lensed vintage camera is the usual way to go. They can be pricey depending on where you buy, which model, in what condition and how much you’re willing to spend. But, all that is set to change with an independently made stereoscopic lens especially designed for digital mirrorless cameras.

In the video above, Paris-based photographer Mathieu Stern shares the word about the 3D Stereoscopic Wiggle Lens for Sony E mount and Fuji X mount. It is the brainchild of commercial architecture photographer George Moua for Full Frame and APS-C mirrorless cameras. Since Stern is a known weird lens lover, it’s not surprising for such a contraption to get on his radar. Of course, he also tested it out and shared his results!

Also, for those who are new to stereoscopic or “wiggle” photography, Stern first introduced the technique and briefly covered its history. With Moua’s 3D printed creation, it’s now possible to create this effect using digital cameras!

What do you think of this stereoscopic lens? Is it something you’d want to experiment with? Share your insights in the comments below, or even in a discussion over at the Photofocus Community!