With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time once again for us to give spooky portraits a shot. As always, we want to be as creative with it as possible, so we need all the ideas and inspiration we can get. Today, let’s revisit six cool ideas from a creative Halloween portrait shoot that Mark Harrison did in Montreal last year. 

In the video above, Harrison takes us to some cool locations in Montreal which should give you some ideas about your own session. They proved perfect for the different looks and props that his model prepared for the shoot. Even our photographer himself posed for to bring his creative Halloween portrait ideas to life! 

Doing a Halloween portrait session for the first time? Take note of the cool props that Harrison used here. The colored smoke is a favorite of many photographers for all kinds of creative photography since it adds an interesting pop of color for a scene. Combine these with other “spooky” props like masks, candles and of course, jack-o-lanterns, and you have some really cool looks. Of course, you can also get extra creative with the wardrobe, so go ahead and start planning it with your models.

Lastly, try experimenting with compositing different shots to bring your eerie visions to life. Harrison’s idea for this shoot made great use of masking to create a really cool scene!

Want more creative Halloween portrait ideas? Go ahead and ask around for tips and tricks in our portrait photography group discussions if you’ve already joined the Photofocus Community!