Large format cameras are unique on their own, but there are a handful of them that push the bar a notch higher. Case in point is a niche large format camera that is totally different from the ones we usually see: the Silvestri S4 shift camera.

In the video above, Columbus, Ohio-based film photographer Mat Marrash tells us a bit about the class of large format cameras that the Silvestri S4 belongs to. The most stand out characteristic of this camera is the lack of bellows, making it very compact for a large format camera. Also, it was specifically made for shift movement only, particularly rise and fall shift.

Marrash also noted that this camera works best when paired with wide to ultrawide lenses. So, if you do a lot of architecture or landscape photography, you’ll likely find this camera interesting. Of course, he also took the camera out for a spin to show us what it’s like to shoot with it using both medium format and large format backs.

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