New to portrait photography? Among the things that you must to pay attention to at this point are the eyes of your subjects. As the focal point of every portrait, they should be sharp and central to the composition. Of course, enhancing the eyes in post-process also plays an important part in emphasizing the eyes in your portraits. Today’s featured portrait photography tutorial will definitely help with that!

In the video above, Sean Tucker shares his five-step process for enhancing the eyes in portrait photography. Among the Photoshop techniques and tools that he uses for this include healing brushes, blending modes, and dodge and burn layers. However, before he begins, he also mentions an important detail that lays the foundation for the task: lighting. In a nutshell, his trick for this is to flood the bottom iris with light to make the color pop. Then, he uses a catch light in the top quadrant to bring light to the eyes.

Also, Tucker cautions that the editing techniques he mentioned tend to be overused. Too much of these will result in unnatural-looking portraits where the eyes look weird or out of place. You know you did it right, he adds, when the edit is barely noticeable.

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