Location, location, location. It’s crucial to shooting portraits, so photographers learn to be mindful of it. It can make or break a shot, or even dictate the theme or look of a shoot. But, what do you do when you’re stuck in a location that isn’t to your liking? Today’s featured portrait photography tip may actually help us make the most out of even the most “boring” locations.

In the video above, Manny Ortiz shared his secret for getting great compositions no matter where he is. It’s a great skill to learn since it will keep you from feeling limited by your location because you feel it doesn’t look Instagrammable enough. Using an 85mm lens, he demonstrates how he evaluates a scene to see if it makes an interesting out of focus background to set his subject against. 

This portrait photography tip works pretty well since you’re essentially blurring out the background anyway to bring extra attention to your subject. But, this trick also has the bonus of letting you use splashes of color or specks of light in the background to further accentuate your subject. 

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