Sometimes, you’ll come across a vintage photography gear that either an iconic part of photography history, or an interesting piece of curiosity. If it’s your lucky day, you’ll find one that is both and comes dirt cheap. One such lucky photographer is Paris-based Mathieu Stern, who recently chanced upon a complete Zenit Photosniper (or Fotosnaiper in this version) kit during his visit to a flea market.

In the video above, he walks us through the interesting contents of the kit, all housed in a pristine metal box. As the name suggests, the Zenit Photosniper looks more like a gun than a camera at first glance, so you’ll definitely get some attention if you’re shooting with it. Stern also gave a little bit of history about the kit, and what it was originally designed for. If you’re a fan or collector of vintage photography gear, I’m sure you’ll salivate at his amazing find.

Stern also adapted the Tair-2 300mm lens on his Sony a7 III using an M42 adapter. Since he didn’t want to get mistaken as a terrorist (or at least a person with a real firearm), he tested it out without the camera gun attachment and instead propped it on a monopod. As he has found, the lens produced sharp photos with some nice bokeh, thanks to its 16 aperture blades!