Getting into medium format photography can be quite challenging for photographers, especially in terms of digital gear. So, it’s not surprising for some to go the film photography route instead. Even then, there are premium medium format film cameras that can easily burn a hole through your wallet. So, there a cheaper yet useable workaround?

Enter vintage cameras like the LOMO Lubitel 166B. They’re very basic in terms of features, but they can still yield some pretty good results, if you manage your expectations. In the video above, Canada-based film photographer Kyle McDougall shares his experience and observations from shooting with this 1949 Soviet twin-lens reflex (TLR) camera. He mentions two main draws of this camera: The price and lightweight form. You can easily pick up one of these vintage Russian models on ebay for cheap. The modern version by Lomography will cost you more. Either way, these cameras make budget-friendly introductory cameras for taking advantage of the larger image area of medium format film. 

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