Not so long ago, we shared some suggestions on the best instant film cameras to try this year. However, all of them were new releases. What if you want to try a vintage Polaroid camera instead, like the iconic SX-70? Will you still get good results in this day and age?

Fortunately, there are many Polaroid SX-70 tips out there to help you make the most out of it. In his video above, Ohio-based Matt Day adds his own take on what to keep in mind so you can still get some beautiful photos with the legendary Polaroid camera. Being a folding instant SLR Land camera with a glass lens, it’s one of the vintage Polaroid models known for great image quality. Still, it can still be tricky to shoot with this vintage gear, especially for beginners. But with enough practice, you’ll get more comfortable with it and eventually, get better photos. As Day reminds us, don’t be afraid to “waste” film; it’s the only way you’ll master this camera!