With warmer climes come plenty of opportunities to take landscape photos in a variety of scenic locations. The beach is easily the first choice for this, but there’s more to this season’s photography adventures than that. Whatever location is accessible to you, today’s featured landscape photography ideas will help make summer photography a productive pursuit for you.

In his video above, Mark Denney first declared that summer isn’t his ideal season for shooting landscapes for many reasons. Aside from the heat and humidity, he finds that the sun rises way too early, it’s more challenging to find color contrasts and the atmosphere always looks washed out.

This year, however, he wanted to get motivated to spend more time outdoors and shoot more in an otherwise unproductive time of the year for him. Here’s where he came up with the five landscape photography ideas he discussed above, which helped him during his recent trip to Yosemite National Park. If you too find it difficult to shoot in the toasty season, you may also find his ideas particularly useful!

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