In this video, I’m going to show you one way you can determine which strength ND filter to use when you are shooting video. I always shoot my videos in Manual mode. I also try to keep my aperture between f/3 and f/5.6. This range gives me the sharpest images. I also want to maintain my desired shutter speed and ISO. So my only real option is to use ND filters.

I have ND filters that range from 2 stops to 4 stops. I can also stack two of them if I need a darker ND filter  because my camera allows me to screw on the filters.

An example of ND filters from PolarPro are:

  • ND4: Cuts light by 2 f-stops
  • ND8: Cuts light by 3 f-stops
  • ND16: Cuts light by 4 f-stops

Watch the video!

Fly safe and have fun!