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Iceland is home to some of the most stunning and surreal landscapes on Earth, so it’s not surprising that it has become a favorite destination for many photographers. One of them is Hamburg-based visual artist and fine art photographer Jan Erik Waider. He has been documenting the island’s unique charm as part of his “Northlandscapes” project, a visual journal and aerial photography showcase of his explorations in the distant north.

Some of his best sets were shot from an aerial perspective to show us the breathtaking beauty on a grander scale. This approach is also a mark of his signature abstract style which focuses on atmospheric visuals, subtle textures and dreamy colors.

A Colorful Flow

Among these ongoing projects is “A Colorful Flow,” an eye-catching color study of the glacier rivers on the southern coast of Iceland. “A Touch of Violet,” the third in the series, has the same natural features that are present in the first two. Tiny ripples add a hint of texture on each shot. Meanwhile, the land masses that punctuate the rivers help guide our eyes to the flow of the water.

However, the tinge of violet in this set gives off a more mysterious mood compared to the other installments of the series. The intriguing shapes and lines of the glacier rivers also draw the interest of the viewer. It’s as if they are challenging our belief that we’re still looking at a place on our own planet. Iceland has that otherworldly quality, and the aerial photography presented to us here does very well to heighten it.

The overall painterly feel of this aerial photography is also a great example of the style that Waider has come to be known for. The faint ripples and variations in colors may even seem like careful brush strokes at first glance. Such is the power of capturing the abstract beauty in nature. It’s easily part of what draws photographers and other creatives to places like the distant north.

A visual journal of fleeting moments

According to Waider, it’s his meticulous and well-planned approach that lets him immerse in his surroundings and capture such beautiful images. Apart from a showcase of the landscapes that make him feel connected and at home, he also considers his photography as a way to preserve the fleeting moments while he’s shooting on location. That ties nicely to how he describes his work: A visual journal of his thoughts and imagination.

Don’t forget to visit Jan Erik Waider’s Behance portfolio and website to see the first two installments of “A Colorful Flow” and the rest of his stunning landscape photography.

All photos by Jan Erik Waider. Used with Creative Commons permission.