Dropbox. Google Drive. Creative Cloud. OneDrive.

As photographers, we all have cloud services we utilize to share and store files. But oftentimes it’s hard to keep track of everything, and you might make a change you didn’t intend to.

Enter FileShadow — a hub for all your files, photos, videos and more. FileShadow automatically archives every change you make to every one of your cloud storage services. This includes services like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and Creative Cloud — but it also includes your Lightroom CC photos. It also connects to your Drobo device.

Keeping your files secure

FileShadow keeps track of any change you make to a file, meaning even if you accidentally save something, it’s easy to revert. Every revision is stored in FileShadow as you make it, and it’s readily available through any web browser.

As soon as you start to link your cloud services, your files will appear. The same thing goes with your Drobo devices — your files will automatically be uploaded to FileShadow and protected. Think of it as a backup, but better, as it keeps track of your changes.

Powerful search

What could be the most powerful feature of FileShadow is its content search engine. Think of this like Excire Search for your Lightroom Classic catalog, or Lightroom CC’s built-in Adobe Sensei search. Type a keyword like “drink” and FileShadow will find your favorite cocktail photos.

Right now, the keyword tagging is done automatically, but at Adobe Max, FileShadow hinted to me that they were working on the ability to make manually tagging an option as well.

The search works with all sorts of files, including Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign files. You can also narrow your search based on metadata like date, cloud source, file type and geolocation.


Finally, FileShadow can also be used to share your files. By inviting someone to sign up for a free FileShadow account, you can share files or folders with them through the service.

Safety and security

FileShadow is backed by a secure archive that has eleven 9’s of durability, meaning that if you have one million files, you’ll lose one file every 659,000 years. You’re more likely to get hit by a meteor than to lose a file.

All of your revisions you make to your files are stored as you make them. Files you download or restore are also scanned by FileShadow for viruses, which then allows you to cancel the download or pick and choose what files you want to receive.

Cloud storage is powered by Google Cloud, Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and IBM Cloud.


FileShadow offers a 100GB account for free to all users, with no limitations. There’s also an Essential plan (1 TB) for $15 or $150/year, and a Pro plan (2 TB) for $25 or $250/year. Additional storage is available at $10 per terabyte.

For more information about FileShadow, visit fileshadow.com.