A key ingredient to any video project is an interview.  As photographers, adding a talking subject to your next video montage or slideshow takes it to the next level.  It can add a story to your project, and stories are what people want to watch. One of the most common video projects I’m hired to […]

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Videos slideshows are a powerful way to show pictures, and I think Instagram offers a unique opportunity. The thing is, my clients love to watch a slideshow of themselves, but few other people are willing to watch a long slideshow these days. Instagram has a 15 seconds limit on slideshows, though, and that’s just about […]

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Hey young artists… the biggest lie you could tell yourselves right now is that you don’t need to learn the business stuff.

Learn it.

— Jeremy Cowart


You gotta join us live for our next Google+ Hangout, totally free of charge. Not only will you learn terrific techniques, but if you tune in live, you can be entered to win excellent prizes to help you in your work. (Note: MUST BE TUNED IN LIVE TO WIN). We kick off Wednesday 5/27, 4:00pm Eastern, 3:00pm Central, 2:00pm Mountain, and 1:00pm […]

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Making photographs indoors during the full light of day can present a variety of exposure challenges to real estate photographers in terms of dynamic range. From light spiking through windows to shadows lurking behind walls, the eye will adjust to balance these harsh conditions automatically. Our cameras in-turn rely on the photographer’s vision and decision-making […]

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Don’t miss our next Google Hangout. The event is Tuesday, May 26, 2015.  It’s absolutely free to attend thanks to Adobe. It starts at 2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific.  Note: We’ll be giving away a copy of the Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers Plan to one lucky winner who’s in attendance.  You must attend the live hangout in order to win. […]

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Looking back on the last 12 years of being in the wedding business, one of the standout business practices I can see that I have developed is that of the site visit. In the beginning, I did it purely because I was new and hadn’t been to any venues. As time went on though, it […]

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