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In my last post, I explained why using a fill light, or a reflective light source, is so important for my style of photography.  I find that, most of the time, a reflector will often do the trick for me when I’m shooting on-location.

But the whole game can change if I’m hit with a triple whammy of …

a) multiple fast-moving subjects – especially when they’re moving in different directions

b) a trek-out-to location (not just a nature reserve – but sometimes the ten or so blocks away from where you barely found parking downtown!)


c) the Great Reflector Enemy we all know and struggle with:  Wind.

In cases like these, I suggest you use your surroundings to your advantage.

1.  If I’m in an urban setting, I’ll shoot near light concrete vs. dark asphalt, bring my subjects low and let the light surface bounce light back up into my subjects’ faces.

2.  If I’m at the beach, I’ll bring my subjects to the shoreline and use the additional reflection from the light water pooling on the edge of the waves.

3.  If I’m shooting a single subject, I’ll use a standard white piece of heartier artboard.

4.  And, if all else fails, I’ll wear white:  a white shirt or even a pair of white pants.

I’ll stand close, I’ll shoot wide, and I’ll so totally be the best fill I can be.

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