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Quick Tip: Use a black reflector to absorb light for a dramatic effect

A silver and white reflector adds light to a scene whereas a black reflector — or fabric— absorbs light. This will give an illusion that light is being taken away from a scene. Known as negative fill, it will produce a dramatic effect especially when converting the image to Black and White

How I Got the Shot | Negative Fill

Silver and white adds light to a scene whereas Black absorbs light, giving an illusion of taking light away. This is know as negative fill. Here’s a quick tip on using negative fill in photography.

How to Master Content Aware Fill

This Friday we have a great Google+ hangout all about Photoshop and digital imaging. You can sign up here and watch for free. One of our guests is Bryan O’Neil

Using Negative Fill Flash (NSFW)

Guest Post & Photos by Abba Shapiro I find when photographing people controlling light is the key. I often see photographers diligently re-positioning their strobes to control the light but

Fill Light Simplified Part II

Guest Post by Tamara Lackey In my last post, I explained why using a fill light, or a reflective light source, is so important for my style of photography. I

Fill Light Simplified Part I

Guest Post by Tamara Lackey Everyone has a different style of shooting, which often means a different look they go for when evaluating how to best light their subject. Personally,

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