Well Lit Portraits by Tamara Lackey

Guest Post and Photo by Tamara Lackey From my perspective, I can achieve the most amazing capture of a portrait, the most endearing expression, the absolutely sweetest interaction in the

Fill Light Simplified Part II

Guest Post by Tamara Lackey In my last post, I explained why using a fill light, or a reflective light source, is so important for my style of photography. I

Fill Light Simplified Part I

Guest Post by Tamara Lackey Everyone has a different style of shooting, which often means a different look they go for when evaluating how to best light their subject. Personally,

Finding Photographic Inspiration

Guest Post by Tamara Lackey A tried and true tip on how to gain inspiration in your work is to look around at imagery that inspires you and think about

A Perspective on Children’s Portraits

Editor’s NOTE: I’m very lucky to be associated with the very best people in the photography industry. That gives me access to the top talent pool. And when it comes