Hernan Rodriguez

Above, join Levi Sim as he sits down with Hernan Rodriguez for a presentation titled, “Think Before You Act: Creating Successful Portraits.”

In this live webinar, Hernan will discuss crafting your shoot to fit the mood of your subject, and using lighting, color and emotion to create the narrative of the image. He’ll review a selection of images and share the steps he takes in creating successful images for his clients. This includes sketches, storyboards, mood boards, location options and lighting diagrams — all done before even taking one shot.

Hernan Rodriguez is an international award-winning photographer specializing in commercial photography and portraiture. He’s worked with notable clients like Guess Clothing, Playboy Beverage, Corona, EMI and Sony Record Labels. He’s a Tamron Image Master, as well as a Westcott Endorsed Pro. You can learn more about Hernan at hernanphotography.com.