A popular camera that I like to keep in my back is the GoPro Hero3. While I don’t use it as my primary camera, I find it helpful lots of shooting situations. I’ll use it for time-lapse, point-of-view, underwater, and aerial photography. There really are a lot of things to love at the price point.


  • What is a GoPro? Where did these cameras come from and what are they good for?
  • The GoPro bodies. What are the challenges with the form factor?
  • Essential GoPro gear. What do you need to get the best shots?
  • Powering the GoPro. How can a little camera use so much juice?
  • Accessing GoPro menus. How to stop driving yourself nuts pushing buttons and actually see what youre doing.
  • Essential menu commands. Which commands will get you a quality shot?

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