Would you like to make some great photos of the night sky?  Join Ron Risman and me in Las Vega, NV for a timelapse workshop.  The event is being held in conjunction with this year’s NAB conference. This is a chance to capture breathtaking time lapse sequences. This hands on workshop will let you capture both day and night time lapses in one of the most beautiful locations in Nevada.

Night Sky Time-Lapse Field Workshop

  • Fri. April 15|
  • 11:00 AM – 3 AM
  • Cost $545

The workshop is open to photographers and cinematographers of all skill levels. This day-long adventure lets you get some great shooting in before a busy NAB. Explore a scenic ghost town and make beautiful images of the night sky.

You’ll learn how to shoot challenging sequences like sunsets and night sky shadow lapses lit only by the waxing moon. The park officially closes at sunset, but we have special permission to stay in the park and continue shooting after dark.

Round trip transportation and meals are included. Students will need:

  • DSLR or Mirrorless Camera
  • Tripod
  • Extra Batteries
  • Intervalometer compatible with your camera (unless your camera already has one built-in)
  • ND Filter (recommended)
  • sunscreen
  • sunglasses
  • hat
  • hiking boots/sneakers
  • pull over or long sleeve for night shooting

Schedule of the Day

The schedule for the day will be as follows.

  • 11am-12pm – Overview of the day
  • 12:15pm – Board bus, distribute lunches
  • 2pm – Arrive
  • 2pm-3pm – Scout locations, general photography
  • 4pm – Snack break
  • 4:30pm-6pm – setup for Night Sky Time-lapse
  • 7:08pm – Sunset
  • 7:30pm-8:30pm – Dinner
  • 11:30pm – Revive for the moon shot
  • 12am-2am – Monitor cameras, one-on-one instruction
  • 2am – Depart
  • 3am – Arrive back in Las Vegas

You can get more information or sign up here.