Although traditionally Photoshop has been a photo editing application, newer versions of the software (CS6 Extended and later) can also handle video. In this tutorial, see how to assemble a time-lapse sequence in Photoshop. Watch more at .


Join Me For a Night Sky Workshop in Las Vegas

I’m teaching a night sky workshop in Las vegas this week. There are only a few spots left as of this morning.

Post|Production World 2015 at NAB Show is proud to present the first ever Night Sky Time-Lapse Field Trip! Capture dusk and the night sky like youve never seen it before! Get to Vegas early and join time-lapse experts Rich Harrington and Ron Risman for 2015s coolest excursion.

  • Date: April 10, 2015
  • Cost: $495
  • Location: Las Vegas & Valley of Fire, Nevada

On Friday, April 10th, Rich and Ron will take a group of 40 attendees out to beautiful Valley of Fire State Park for a crash course in time-lapse video and panoramic photography. You’ll capture sun down in the desert, and then stay up past your bedtime to shoot the Milky Way in all of its dazzling glory. Meals and transportation are included, so grab your camera and prepare for adventure! Registration price: $495.

For those attendees who also wish to attend Post|Production World, you can use registration code DK01 for $100 off the price of your package!

Note: This field-trip runs from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m.. In order to capture the best shots of the night sky, late night shooting is essential.

Explore the scenic Valley of Fire to create fantastic timelapse sequences. This hands on workshop will let you capture both day and nighttime timelapse shots in a beautiful location. The workshop is open to photographers and cinematographers of all skill levels. This day-long adventure lets you get some great shooting before a busy NAB. Explore over 20 miles of breathtaking rainbow vistas, natural arches, stone cabins, slot canyons, and red-rock cliffs. You’ll also learn how to shoot tough sequences like sunsets and the Milky Way. This workshop is led by two professional timelapse photographers and multiple assistants to help you with hands-on techniques.

After this session, attendees will know:

  • How to capture timelapses using your digital SLR or Mirror-less camera
  • The best settings to capture the sunsets and the night sky in motion
  • How to light the foreground to help bring enhance your night timelapses
  • How to eliminate flicker when capturing a timelapse
  • How to choose the best aperture, shutter speed, interval, and ISO
  • How to capture HDR Timelapses
  • How to use the eMotimo motorized Pan & Tilt head (2-axis)
  • How to create 3-axis timelapses
  • How to combine day-to-night capture techniques