Our partners over at lynda.com have unlocked 12 classes as part of their 12 Days of Learning. This is a chance to take 12 free classes without needing to sign up for a trial. My recommendations is that you try some of the free classes out, and if you like it, Photofocus readers get a 10 day free trial at lynda.com/photofocus.

Here’s a class of mine that’s unlocked for free.

Getting Started with Stop Motion Animation

This is a fun way to explore photography and video. In fact if you’re staying indoors this holiday season you can make your first stop-motion animation. The class is designed to be kid friendly and only takes a camera, iPhone, or iPad. This is 100% a getting started class and is a ton of fun (even as a wintertime family project).

Here’s a sample of what you learn to make:

The official description is:

Stop-motion animation has a long history in Hollywood, from films like King Kong to Coraline, but it can also be a fun and relatively easy weekend art project. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking for a creative outlet for yourself or your kids, or a professional who wants to try stop motion, this course will help you create your own short stop-motion films. Rich Harrington shows how to shoot the initial sequences with an iPad, smartphone, or DSLR camera, and then assemble them into a short animated movie using iMovie and the iStopMotion app. He’ll also show how to export your final project and get it ready to share or move into a professional or semiprofessional video editing application.


Topics include:

  • What is stop motion and how does it work?
  • Stop motion vs. time lapse
  • Shooting stop motion with a tablet or smartphone
  • Lighting your environment
  • Directing the animation
  • Working with filters and color
  • Shooting in reverse

Other Free Classes

These classes are free until December 31. I think photographers should also check out.

  • Managing your Mobile Photos Learn how to back up and store your mobile photos and videos easily and automatically.
  • Managing Stress Whether youre taking time off or working through the holidays, we can help you cut down on the stressand take a much-deserved deep breath.