(Editor’s note: Im delighted to welcome Marc Silber of Silber Studios to Photofocus. Marc’s passion is photography and sharing the best tips he can find with other image makers.)

Ever wanted to hear some of the lighting tips, tricks, and hacks from an Emmy-winning filmmaker? Well, here you go. Just click play…

Fletch Murray has a long history in video production. From making short films to ABC documentaries to now running his own filmmaking bootcamps and even making tutorials for the Advancing Your Photography channel on YouTube, he’s done it all. And we’re just lucky enough that he’s decided to share is wealth of knowledge with the rest of the world.

Here’s a quick rundown of his tips:

  • Don’t know where to light someone? Follow their nose…
  • Avoid lasers at all costs!
  • Headlamps (yes, those things you use when camping) can actually be great for lighting
  • Cool down your shots when it needs to look like night
  • Take the green out of LEDs!
  • Learn how useful a polarizer is

You can find more of Fletch’s work here