With times tough for a lot of creatives right now, we’ve teamed up with ThinkTAP Learn, Skylum Software, B&H, Lume Cube and KEH to bring you The Artists’ Notebook. Each day, we bring you webinars to help you learn new photography and video techniques, post-processing and inspiration, all for free!

With the first two weeks officially off the books, we wanted to bring you a recap of what you missed. Click on each webinar to register and watch on-demand.

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“Dealing with the Impostor Syndrome,” with Nick Harauz

As creative people, we often lack confidence. This psychological state actually has a name, the impostor syndrome. It’s a persistent state that you doubt your accomplishments and qualifications and worry about being exposed as a “fraud.”   Learn how to embrace your capabilities and what you have achieved to find more success. Watch now >

“Getting Cinematic Images with Smaller Cameras,” with Kevin Bradley

Why do we take these lightweight cameras and make them five times heavier? Kevin Bradley shows you why. There is a method to the madness, and he’s learned over the last 10 years through battle-tested work how and why these smaller camera designs are the most versatile. In this session, he’ll show you the techniques, tips and tricks that he’s refined over the years using smaller cameras. Watch now >

“Making It vs. Making it,” with Lynda Weinman

As the co-founder of lynda.com, Lynda found herself in need of reinvention after selling the company in 2015 to LinkedIn. While the obvious path might have been to champion other female entrepreneurs, become an advocate for online learning or to write a book on how she “made” it, none of these options fit for Lynda.

She discovered her need to make art and become a maker. Armed with her knowledge of computer graphics, she was drawn into the world of ceramics and 3D clay printing. In this interview, she shares both journeys, highlighting their similarities and differences. Watch now >

“Launching Your Creative Business,” with Amy DeLouise

We’ll tackle what it takes to launch your creative business. What do you need to think about, when setting up your physical and virtual infrastructure? How do you create your social media brand? And what are some things to consider when defining how you bill for your work. We’ll take your questions, too. Watch now >

“Becoming a Certified Drone Pilot,” with Luisa Winters

Do you want to fly a drone for money? Then you need to be certified. In this session, Luisa talks about lessons learned and key things to know if you want to monetize your drone. Watch now >

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