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Why are there so many lens choices?

Why are there so many lens choices for your camera? The simple answer is that every photographer sees the world differently requiring the use of different focal length lenses. Different

Create Your Own Fireworks Grand Finale

Last weekend I spent time in Chicago for the Out of Chicago Conference. On my last night there, fellow author Levi Sim and myself hosted a photowalk for attendees. Our

How to Capture Fantastic Photos of Rainbows

Few natural phenomenon can cheer people up faster than the beauty of a rainbow. Getting great images of one is a challenge, they are difficult to predict and constantly changing, occurring due to a specific set of conditions. These tips will help you photograph rainbows when they appear, and get great results when processing your rainbow pics in the digital darkroom.

Go Make A Panorama

You should make a lot more panoramic photographs. It’s a great way to capture a larger view of the world, and you don’t need to buy a new lens. In

Canon EF 20-35mm F/2.8L

Using eBay to find deals on lenses

I found my copy of Canon’s EF 20-35mm F/2.8 on eBay of all places, and while I don’t typically sell on eBay, I’ll buy like no other. People are worried

Sigma 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens Exploration

A couple of months ago one of my Photofocus posts Fifteen MM Fisheye Fun touched on how versatile this seemingly special purpose lens is. Here’s more. What is a Fisheye

Creative Uses for a Wide Angle Lens

This is a guest post by Thomas Shue – lilsamedia.com/blog Follow him on Twitter: I know that most of you have heard of the wide angle lens before. And also

How to Remove Distortion From Wide Angle Photos

If you shoot architecture or panoramas, you’ll often shoot wide angle. This can lead to an unwanted fisheye effect. Whether you’re shooting one exposure or stitching several, fixing the problem