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Five reasons Op/Tech Rainsleeve should be in your camera bag
Groundbreaking lens filters featuring automatic wiper blades to wipe water away
Weekly Wrap-Up: April 14-20, 2019
When the weather outside is frightful: Photography rain or shine
Getting Ready to Photograph in the Rain
Getting Creative with Unexpected Weather on Vacation
6 Tips for Protecting your Camera at the Beach
“Bad Weather Makes Good Photographs” and Better Stories
Shooting Outdoors? Pack an Umbrella.
Beat a Rainy Day With a Polarizer and One Tool That’s Practically Free
How to Keep Your Camera Gear Dry and Dust Free

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Photos by Bryan Esler for stellafly

Getting Ready to Photograph in the Rain

Mother Nature doesn’t always play in our favor. Being in Michigan, I’ve dealt with all the different elements there are. Last weekend, I had the privilege to photograph the MSU Gran Fondo, a bike race organized by the Michigan State University

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Shooting Outdoors? Pack an Umbrella.

I frequently travel to shoot landscapes and time lapses. One thing that seems to always follow me is a dark cloud. No, I’m not Charlie Brown… I mean it just seems to rain a bit on most of my shoot

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How to Keep Your Camera Gear Dry and Dust Free

Don’t get caught off-guard by rain on your next shoot. I show you two of my favorite bags (including pouches) that can work with your existing camera gear. Learn how to protect from snow, rain, dust, and splashes. This specific

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Fun with a fisheye: The Sigma 15mm f/2.8

“Fisheye lenses are gimmicks.” Lots of photographers think so. Most have never used one, but I don’t travel without one. The 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens from Sigma is less than three inches in diameter and length. It weighs in at

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Free photoshoots: Why do I do them?

This image that you see right here — the cover one — is a photo I took with a triathlon athlete for her blog. Did I get money for that? No. Am I happy with that? Yes. Will I do

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Julie Powell - Rose Red (1 of 1)

Why are passion projects so important?

Why are passion projects so important? I really don’t think it matters what genre you photograph, or even what sort of creative you actually are. Photographer, videographer, musician, painter, sculpture, writer … if you are of the creative type, I am

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Birds and bridge cameras

A friend asked if it’s possible to make nice pictures of birds with her Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H300 bridge camera. I already knew the answer to that question but I wanted to illustrate my point. Spoiler alert: The answer is yes.

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