Understanding Lightroom catalogs

Remember back in our school days, when we had to look up something in our school’s library? We relied on the Dewey Decimal System, basically a reference that told us

Photofocus Quick Tip Lightroom

Quick Tip: Import to this Folder

When it comes to keeping your Lightroom catalog tidy and organized, the import stage of your workflow is critically important. In this quick tip, you’ll learn a great shortcut for

Leveraging Lightroom Templates

One of the main reasons we use Lightroom is that it makes our entire digital workflow so much more efficient than using a combination of other tools. A key to

Building Standard Previews in Lightroom

It’s no secret that Lightroom can run a bit sluggish at times, especially when trying to render previews of high-megapixel files from cameras like the Nikon D810, Canon 5DS R,

Merging Lightroom Catalogs in 5 Easy Steps

I have two computers – a beautiful 5K iMac at my studio, and a MacBook Pro that I travel with. My schedule can get crazy, especially when I’m traveling 2-3 weeks in a given month. It’s not practical to take my entire photo library with me when I travel, so I often find myself creating a temporary catalog on my laptop and merging it with my main catalog back at the studio.