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Fixing HDR Ghosting with Photomatix Pro

It’s a sunny, windy day. You’re shooting architecture and using bracketing to ultimately capture an image that’s exposed perfectly. But you forget about the flag on the building, and how

How to Use HDR for Nighttime Photography

Making pictures at nighttime can be challenging. Parts of a picture that are lit with street lamps or other lights are very bright compared to the darkness of the sky

Create Great HDR Images without a Remote Trigger

One of the frustrations when combining multiple exposures into an HDR image is ghosting. This appears if the camera has shifted even the slightest bit between images. HDR processing software like Lightroom or Photomatix Pro can do a pretty good job at aligning the images and removing ghosting, but it doesn’t always work. This is where the built-in timer comes in handy.

What Does HDR Photography Really Mean?

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography has quickly grown into a popular form of photographic expression. It is both loved and loathed depending upon who you discuss the subject with. Many

Add Finishing Touches to HDR Photos

Once you “finish” a photo in Photomatix Pro, you aren’t really done. The software offers a collection of useful adjustment to refine contrast and control color balance to really achieve

A Black-and-White Workflow with HDR

Black and white photography is all about contrast. Working with HDR is a great way to create compelling photos. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create the most

Adding Tone and Contrast to a Single Image

I’m a big fan of details… I often like my images to feel a bit “gritty” and “deep.” Sure, it doesn’t work for every subject, but there are plenty where

Try Out the Public Beta of Photomatix 5

Those of you who caught our recent Google+ hangout we’re treated to a sneak peek of the new Photomatix 5. The software has some great new additions including a contrast

A Complete HDR Workflow

I’ve put together a complete lesson on creating High Dynamic Range panoramic photos. This video tutorial walks you through a few different tools to try out. [vimeo w=640&h=360] I’ll

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